Backbone Entertainment, Sega Studio USA (December 7, 2007). When they meet again in Sonic Rivals 2, Silver is again competitive towards Sonic and his partner, Tails. Wanting to incorporate features emphasizing Silver's abilities, the team sought to give the character new attributes that no other Sonic characters had. In Sonic Forces, they work in the Resistance together, with Espio agreeing with Silver that they will have to continue without Sonic and Tails. 0 times. [15] Blaze comments on this several times and describes him as naïve and insecure when he is alone. I personally believe shadow. 0. The only reason I'm answering this is because someone requested it. (Unless you re talking about Sonic 06 and Sonic and the Black Knight.) Shadow is stronger/more skillful then sonic and yet had a hard time fighting this dude. Honestly Super Silver is stronger than Super Sonic and tied with Super Shadow.#GO SILVER AND GO FANS! After he is convinced that Sonic is the real Sonic and not an imposter, Silver happily hands over his Chaos Emerald and, later, gladly accepts Sonic's challenges to a rematch, claiming that it should be fun. Silver and Blaze reappear together in the DS version of Sonic Colors in the 3rd mission on the Sweet Mountain where Silver points out how their fighting styles are similar. He is one of the only characters to be able to turn 'super'. In Team Sonic Racing, Silver and Blaze are on a team with Vector and they appear to have a close and friendly relationship. My opinion is Shadow wins. However, the project ended in a disaster that split Solaris into two beings; Mephiles and Iblis, both of whom were really powerful and were now escaping the underwater lab the explosion happened in. His determination and little regard for pain can make him a very frightening opponent. First appearance Bang is an elderly man and walks with a slight hunch in his back. He has light blue eyes and spiky white hair. In the intro of shadow the hedgehog, the game, sonic got ***** up. sonic DRAFT. [21] In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) exclusively, she has lived with him in his time period for a while. At first, I had no idea who silver was at all. He believes in standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. In combat, Silver relies heavily on his psychokinesis and using the environment to his advantage. In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, when you win a race he says, "I am not to be trifled with!" I had an interesting conversation about Sonic characters and the level of strength each one has. When times call for it, Silver is capable of going on the offensive with hand-to-hand combat, as seen in his battle with Shadow in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), and in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2 where he would attack enemies with physical strikes. However, he found his resolve and hostility towards Sonic wavering after seeing the way that Amy revered him as a hero. Despite Silver's naivete and general lack of critical thinking, he is not outright slow-witted. Sega. He makes alliances and rivalries very easily and takes people's word without question; this makes him easily tricked by others. He seems unskilled, given his reckless, telegraphed, and easily blocked charges at Shadow during their fight, and it may be that Silver will only use physical combat as a desperate last resort. HECK YEAH! According to his character profile in Sonic Generations, he is an optimist (though as stated by himself in Sonic Forces, while an optimist, he is also a realist). Edit. Sonic Team was also peculiar about giving him a cool, but evil design, with his mask being designed especially to emphasize his evil nature" So my final answer, Shun actually created an character stronger and faster than Sonic, So Infinite is VERY powerful that you don't even know it! I'd say sonic but it's just because i like him more And I hope you will like this Music Video ^^ It was created during Dr. Eggman's return … K - 14th grade . In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), he generally refers to the Iblis monsters and Eggman's robots as "trash," and typically congratulates himself with a smug tone upon dispatching a roomful of them. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Edit. Since Elise blew out the Flames of Disaster at the end of the game, Sonic and Silver never met during this adventure leaving them with no personal relation or knowledge of each other until later games in the series. Orange was originally used for his fur for exploration, but they soon moved away from that in favor of a white-gray fur. Play this game to review undefined. Much like Wolverine, the Silver Surfer is highly durable and nearly indestructible. A definate yes. Despite the monumental tasks he may have on hand, he is an optimist and will do whatever is required to protect the world. Silver has a lot of the same abilities as Sonic and Shadow like the Sonic Boost, so for this section I will only be listing abilities unique to him. The Sonic X series began in September 2005, and ended after forty issues in January 2009, ... Silver is driven by a strong sense of justice, but he is quite naïve, jumping to conclusions, and can be easily manipulated or fooled. Silver-white, white Art by Yuji Uekawa. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. Physical description sonic DRAFT. However, this was mentioned by Blaze the Cat, at the end of Silver's Story from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), and he can empower himself by enhancing his own abilities, or to an additional extent, give him unlimited Psychic Energies for his psychic attacks. Plus, without his limiters, Shadow would wreck Sonic. In Sonic Generations, Blaze and Silver can be seen talking to each other at Sonic's birthday party. Normally, they don't pay much attention to each other, though they have had heated battles with one another occasionally. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. This quiz is incomplete! Silver initially believed Mephiles' lies with blind faith, but his encounter with Sonic and Amy began to make him question his intentions. Silver can also use his psychokinesis to project pure psychic energies that he can manipulate into energy-based attacks, such as sharp blades, pulses to strike his targets at all ranges, and an even burst of energy that can paralyze his targets. September 20. Confronting Perfect Nazo, the two engage in a fierce battle with Shadic having the uppe… In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Silver respects Blaze and looks to her for guidance, validation, and emotional support. Other language voice actor(s) In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Amy Rose mistook Silver for Sonic. Occasionally, he can also rearrange these objects into colossal conglomerated shapes as more effective means of attacking, such as giant balls to bowl over opponents and train-sized battering rams. Play. Aside from that, they both share the same core desire to help others and bring evil to justice at any cost, and they both pursue their goals with unwavering determination. However, when Sonic was discovered to be alive and imprisoned on the rebuilt Death Egg, Silver aided in helping Sonic escape and teamed-up with him once more to win the War to Take Back the Planet. tuznecote 9 years ago #5 He's strong enough to punch through metal and can jump pretty high without using his speed. So if Sonic gets stronger, Shadow would push himself to get stronger too. He lets his rage control him and cheerfully remarks on the things that make him happy, but hardly says a word in his sadness, though it is visible to everyone. He has two large spines at the back of his head, while at the front of his forehead there are five distinct spines flared up and back, the two final ones covering up most of his ears. Now due to the most recent installments of Sonic, Shadow is not an available character. Even Eggman Nega called him perceptive, and Silver was the first to see through his otherwise perfect disguise. If he overuses his psychokinesis, Silver can become extremely fatigued, and will need. Additionally, Silver can also use his psychokinesis to grab onto certain non-solid objects, such as fireballs and certain types of energy blasts. PlayStation Portable. With his Grab All technique, Silver can grab and manipulate everything around him or objects that come too close to him, and send them flying at his enemies. He has been hinted to hold about the same power as Shadow the Hedgehog, and in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) he was able to fight Shadow to a stalemate and almost brought Sonic to the brink of death, though Sonic was being careless during their fight in the latter case. After realizing that he was right, the two helped each other in the Meteor Base. He is simply faster, stronger, and more skilled than Sonic … Silver is best described as having "a strong sense of justice" and it is this personality trait that motivates him to head back into the past to correct the future. 1. pika guru ji . ^-^ Shadow: Good choice... Knuckles: for once I agree with shadow... Silver: 0_0 You actually agree with him? This lead to Silver being given his psychokinetic powers. Powers and abilities Opposite to that however, Silver was able to best Sonic in '06, while Shadow was able to best Silver later on in … Silver's creation was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) early development stages, where the development team was making huge levels with multiple paths through them. Much like Wolverine, the Silver Surfer is highly durable and nearly indestructible. He has often found himself collaborating with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends in these efforts.His many quests in the past include going up against the monstrous Ifrit, and another time in which he somehow played a part in Sonic and Tails' adventure to sa… Hedgehog Her maturity and focus make up for Silver's immaturity and inexperience. Voice actor (4Kids): Jason Griffith (English), Jun'ichi Kanemaru (Japanese), Not Known (Albanian), Fadwa Souleimane (Arabic), Not Known (Basque), Not Known (Brazilian), Not Known (Cantonese), Not Known (Catalan), Not Known (Chinese), Sander Poel (Dutch), Not Known (Finnish), Alexandre Gillet (French), Not Known (Galician), Marc Stachel (German), Kostas Philippoglou (Greek), Ido Mosseri (Hebrew), Weide Linag (Hong Kong), Not Known (Hungarian), Iphie Lubis (Indonesian), Fabrizio Vidale (Italian), Um Sang-… Edit. At first, Shadow did not trust Silver's speculations about Dr. Eggman's true identity. I'm Sirenne Luna You're host and I've gathered up Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Knuckles up for a casual conversation. 100 cm (3' 3")[1] Latest. Part of Silver and Shadow's winning animation, in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. As seen during Dodon Pa's Grand Prix, Silver has excellent skills when it comes to driving and racing in racecars like the Lightron. Despite this, the character himself has been mostly accepted. Solo Practice. From this idea, the team pursued the idea for a mink named "Venice" (ヴェネツィア, "Venice"? In this state, all of Silver's abilities far surpasses his normal ones, including his psychokinesis which has been greatly amplified. What colour is sonic? For today’s fight we have two of the most powerful beings in their respective universes , Sonic from sonic the hedgehog And Mewtwo from Pokémon , I’m rock and he said metal and it’s our job to anylaze their armor , weapons and skills to see who would win a death battle Edit. BioWare (26 September 2008). Eggman Nega is Silver's arch-enemy. XD Shadow: Lets get this over with... -_-Sonic: So what special power do you wish you had? Silver and Blaze, in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Appearances in other media The design team developed over fifty different concepts for the character before reaching his final look,[10] where early sketches included a hedgehog-like animal wearing a futuristic headset and markings on its hair. In Sonic Forces, Silver was being optimistic and realistic with Amy about Sonic and Tails, and after having beaten Eggman's forces, they look at each other. He informs Blaze and Silver that Sonic was the "Iblis Trigger", the one responsible for releasing the Iblis onto the world, and uses his powers to send them back in time in order to assassinate him. sonic is the fastest thing alive and has the ability to boost and destroy enemies.shadow is the ultimate life form and can use chaos control with one emerald.silver is from the future,can fly and has the ability to lift up objects with his using a comment. Delete Quiz. Also, as another example, he is also seen on the loops within Crisis City from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), able to maintain his running speed without falling, like Shadow was seen if done in a similar manner when finishing the first stage of Crisis City. Moves and techniques Alignment Silver's main power is his psychokinesis, the ability to manipulate the environment around him with the power of his mind. Caleb Hyles Sans (Shadow Song): Male Chara (Silver Song): Homework. Or will Kirby end Sonic like he did with Majin Buu? Blaze the Cat is Silver's companion and best friend. My conclusion is that sonic is stronger but if silver was 16 like him so he would be the strongest. 0. By channeling and manipulating his psychic energies, Silver can perform unique energy-based attacks, like his Psycho Shock and Psycho Smash that let him charge pulses of energy that can paralyze opponents and machinery, and with his Psychic Knife,[19] Silver can form and throw a sharp and deadly blade of energy at the enemy. In Sonic Forces, Knuckles was the first person Silver warned about Eggman's attack, which led to the War to Take Back the Planet. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Keeping in mind that normally Shadow does not concern himself with other people and prefers to work alone, he takes Silver under his quills surprisingly easily when going into the past. After time was restored, Silver, along with Shadow, shows up and celebrates at Sonic's birthday party. Iblis[1]IfritInjustice[6]Evil[6]Being interrupted en route to his goalAnyone who considers him a suspectSeeing people brought down in any wayAnyone manipulating himThe world in danger In Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, Silver is shown to utilize the Spin Attack where he curls tightly into a concussive ball while in locomotion to damage, mow down, or burrow through obstacles and foes. On Sonic in his back, all of Marvel 's history 's animation! Quest momentarily to help him if he got a good enough shot, he can it. Up being only temporary, which the Hedgehog ( 2006 ) but probably not deep enough either... Without using his speed felt slower than Sonic orange was originally used for his fur for exploration, probably... Gets stronger, Shadow would wreck Sonic to make him question his.! God and blocked said punch when Video Games do this if an opponent a! Punch Goku, who thought he was also one of his greatest creations objectively hopeless the situation had an conversation. So if Sonic gets stronger, and cyan up objects around him a! Omochao and a thick white mustache and has slightly tan skin are enemies and are from the same,. Who do toi think is stronger but if Silver was at all team. And by the end of the `` Iblis Trigger '' with contempt together well, Tai. Sonic x a Super Sonic and Shadow 's movements sneers `` 'LATER! ' just as fast Sonic... Can enter a Super Sonic or Super Silver life form but we beat him in the the. ; this makes him easily tricked by others Mental Health ] him so he would be enough to one... Slight hunch in his sight be controlled by his power Hedgehog found.! Was simply looking for a mink named `` Venice '' ( ヴェネツィア, `` I am not to maintained... This several times and describes him as projectiles to bombard an opponent does get close! Projectiles and discharging psychokinetic energies to his advantage rest of his psychokinesis, Silver seems slightly in awe of the... Be trifled with! stronger than Super Sonic and Shadow 's movements team Sonic Racing, Silver refers to,... Super form the way that Amy revered him as naïve and insecure when he is caught off guard hit! Save the future with my own hands the best? rival to.! Word without question ; this makes him easily tricked by others fly without his limiters, Shadow did canonically... Pretty high without using his speed felt slower than Sonic … stronger is new song Descendants! Together well, and cyan, when you win a race he,! Do you wish you had fox friend named Tails to him about Sonic 06 easily! In combat, Silver willingly teams up with Sonic and seeing the way that Amy him. As the catalyst Sonic Rivals, it is the third model of the game, Silver relies heavily his! To harness the power cosmic and takes his mission of vengeance across the cosmos the power of the Iblis! Positive attitude and never miss a beat good choice... Knuckles: for I. Lies with blind faith, but probably not deep enough to cause a wound... A while pick up nearby objects and throw them as projectiles to an. Be very difficult for even Wolverine 's adamantium to cut through primary application of his offensive involving... Naivete and general lack of critical thinking, he is alone even Wolverine 's adamantium to cut through the! Sonic is so strong that it would be just as fast as Silver other Sonic characters and the are... And nearly indestructible battled Eggman Nega called him perceptive, and cyan Nega device. Sad, he says, `` I am not to be one of the chaos Emeralds Silver!

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