Humans brought golden trout to Montana in the 1900’s. Spawns mostly in outlets, but also in inlets and occasionally along lake shoals. It’s a good idea to download Topo Maps for this hike because Golden Trout Lakes is located on the very corner of the Lone Indian Peak USGS Quad map. [CDATA[ Anyone who is interested in visiting Golden Trout Wilderness can print the free topographic map and street map using the link above. The trick is both finding \u2014 and catching \u2014 one of these beautiful creatures in … The big myth about Golden Trout is that you have to go on some backbreaking hike to 11,000 ft to catch a Golden Trout. Demise of former 50+ populations of golden trout largely due to introduction of other spring spawning species, whether by hybridization or replacement. As always in SW Montana, be bear aware. Category: Hiking Trails in the Beartooth Mountains, Moderate Day Hikes, Montana Hiking Trails. The trail is otherwise a dusty, winding trail that climbs the canyon wall rather swiftly. Follow this road all the way (about 5 miles), until the road sharply turns to the right (if you drive straight, you will hit Luther Roscoe Rd). //

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